Our Philosophy

Heather Gallien, Owner of FABULUX Consignment

unleash your original style

Hi, I'm Heather, founder of FABULUX Consignment. I've always had a passion for fashion and a zeal for a deal. Most of my own wardrobe is from consignment stores.

After a long career in marketing, I decided to change my life and create a business to bring others joy. I chose consignment because of the thrill a woman experiences when she finds that perfect thing during her treasure hunt.

FABULUX is a space where everyone's individual style isembraced and celebrated. True style means being willing to express what you stand for, and it comes from deciding that it's OK to be yourself. Fashion comes and goes. But original style is your mark on the world. So let it shine!

curated clothing for conscious consumers™

When you buy something at a consignment shop, are you proud to tell friends where you got it? If not, then we invite you to join our community of conscious consumers. By purchasing pre-owned designer clothing, you'll boost your style and status while also reducing textile waste. Be proud that you're shopping secondhand, and tell others that they should be proud too.

So be a conscious consumer. Consign those beautiful items that deserve a good home with an excited new owner. And stop by FABULUX to treat yourself, because you're bound to find a few treasures that will get you excited.

the shop and where we are today

In 2019 I leapt off the edge of the entrepreneurial cliff and decided to establish FABULUX Consignment. The year was a blur... so many late nights working on putting it all together. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into its creation

The store officially opened in September 2019. Thanks to all friends, family and supporters. Special thanks to my love Mike who helped me renovate the space. His support and partnership continue to be amazing. 

In the spring of 2020, we were hit hard by COVID-19 and were forced to close our Denver shop. But our online store is thriving and growing with new items added weekly, and despite our current uncertainty about a physical location, FABULUX will persevere!

     Heather Gallien, Owner